Tom Allsopp

Tennis Pro & Consultant

“Achieve your tennis goals,
however big or small!

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Whether you are already heavily involved in your child’s tennis development or would like to start taking a more active role, I have tools that will help you guide your child towards success.

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If you are a coach looking to maximize the effectiveness of your sessions in general or would like to discuss how you can help one student in particular, I can provide with guidance and support.

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With 17 years of experience as a tennis coach, I specialize in development and synchronization of mental and physical skills in tennis players of all levels, helping my students develop mentality, movement, technique and tactics appropriate for each shot and situation. Regardless of a player’s age or ability, I believe that rallying, not basket feeding, should be central to tennis coaching, as it is the only way to show students how to adapt to balls of different heights, spins, speeds, and angles.

For all players I coach, I focus on providing contextual advice that is appropriate for the task at hand and their current skill level. My ultimate goal is to give them something that results in an “aha” moment - a moment of clarity, where a player gains true understanding of what he or she needs to do going forward. Helping my students to achieve something that they can see, feel, and understand, allows me to involve them in their own development, which gives them the key to their own success.