Matchplay Tennis Coaching

Learn the Skills Required to Play Great Tennis With The TPA Tennis Skill Cycle Coaching System

  • Matchplay Mentality

    Master the art of having your brain and body working together to allow you to do the right things at the right time

  • Matchplay Technique

    Develop the technique to allow you to control the tennis ball and adapt to each shot and situation you find yourself in as you rally or compete

  • Matchplay Movement

    Improve your footwork and movement to allow your body to effortlessly work together and adjust to any shot that comes your way

  • Matchplay Tactics

    Gain the skills and knowledge to play to your strengths and put your opponents in positions that they least desire

The TPA tennis Skill Cycle Coaching System

Specializing in the development of the Key Skill Ingredients required to excel

  • Attitude

    Having the appropriate short and long term attitude towards specific situations and the sport.

  • Information

    Absorbing information both in the present and remembered from the past.

  • Decision Making

    Making instantaneous and planned decisions appropriate for each situation.

  • Action

    Successfully executing the shot and movement

  • Evaluation

    Accurately reviewing your execution of skill ingredients both during and after the activity

What is Matchplay Coaching

Whether you are a beginner looking to rally more effectively with a friend or an advanced player looking to win more matches, Matchplay coaching will help you develop the mental and physical skills that you will need to achieve your goals.

Playing great tennis means being able to do the right things at the right time, which requires having the ability to adjust your mentality, footwork, tactics and technique for each situation.

Unlike most coaching systems that are primarily technique based and use a command style vocabulary, the TPA tennis Skill Cycle Coaching System involves the player heavily in their development with a more cooperative approach, and is centered around realistic game-play situations that create an overlap between practice and competition.

These methods allow players to develop all the key skill ingredients that they 'need to succeed', while keeping the game fun.

What to Expect from Our lessons

  • A cooperative style lessons (rather than command style) where we work together as a team to set and achieve your tennis goals
  • Predominantly rally based coaching - rather than basket feeding - designed to create realistic situations to help you develop more skills
  • Matchplay technical advice on how to adjust your swing and movement to each shot and situation you find yourself in
  • Advice that you you can see, feel and understand, and that is appropriate for your skill-set, so you will never lose confidence and the ability to control the ball
  • Guidance on how to look at the big picture and address the key skill ingredients (Attitude, Information, Decision Making, Technique and Evaluation) to make significant improvements to your overall game
  • The nature of the session and the relationship between coach and player that make the session and the game of tennis fun for all involved!
  • The session is yours! You will achieve greater success by being involved in your own development, which will ultimately put you on the path to becoming self-reliant.

Professional Background

Matchplay Tennis Coach & Creator of the TPA tennis Skill Cycle Coaching System

Originally from England, I have been coaching tennis for 17 years, using my unique skill cycle method to help players, parents and coaches in 13 states and 8 countries, both on court and online. I played singles and doubles for my county, won titles partnering with the 2012 Wimbledon doubles champion Johnny Marray, and was a regular hitting partner to Lisa Raymond while she was the number 1 doubles player in the world. I draw on these experiences to provide tailored coaching sessions that are designed to suit each student's unique needs and abilities

- Tom Allsopp

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