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Learn the Skills Required to Play Great Tennis With
The TPA Tennis Skill Cycle Coaching System

On-Court Training

On-Court Training

Work one-on-one with Tom Allsopp in LA or on a court near you.

Phone Consultations

Phone Consultations

Discuss your coaching or training methods with 100% confidentiality.

Video Analysis

Video Analysis

Discover what holds you back and how to take your game to the next level.


Tom Allsopp specializes in the development and synchronization of mental and physical skills, helping players of all levels developing appropriate mentality, movement, technique and tactics for each shot and situation.

Achieve your tennis goals,
however big or small!



It’s rare that you come across a standout coach like Tom. He stands out above the rest with his tennis acumen coupled with his exceptional communication skills. I had the pleasure of working with Tom for two months to improve my forehand and serve It was through this experience that I got to see Tom in his area of expertise - identifying the key technical flaws and formulating innovative yet the most practical solution to improve your strokes.
Beyond his ability to provide you with exceptional coaching, Tom was always available to chat and was extremely friendly and generous with his time.
Tom has earned my highest respect during our time working together and I'm absolutely certain that he will earn yours as well.
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I coach a boys tennis team in Charlotte, NC and we have been using TPA Tennis video analysis services to help in the development of our high performance kids. Tom has been a tremendous value in providing detailed analysis of our matches. We find his analysis to be very professional and insightful and a good complement to our on-court live instruction and coaching. Tom has a great understanding of the learning process and how to efficiently and effectively help players.

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I've been hitting for about 10 years just for fun and decided to make an honest attempt at getting better. I came across Tom's videos on YouTube and found the general videos he made really helpful but it wasn't until I contacted him and took his online coaching where he would help me specifically and mate.... he knows his sh*t!

In 6 weeks I'm easily a better player with much more tools and really looking forward to working with Tom over the next 6 months to a year to see what we can cook up together.

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Sometimes as coaches we can get caught up in only addressing stroke production. Tom not only looks at the big picture, his teaching philosophy outlines how one thing influences another. It's like a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces fit perfectly. It makes it easy for the coach, and easy for the student to understand how to become better. I would strongly suggest that anyone that wants to improve as a coach contact Tom Allsopp.

Testimonial John

Tom is truly a professional tennis coach. 'Professional' implies dedication, efficiency, creativity, and a genuine relationship with their profession. Tom is not a replacement 'ball feeding machine with a voice'. He is an accomplished student of the game, continually investigating methods of how to help others learn, ever more quickly to become a genuine game playing tennis player. Tom cares about his players and the game. He is the real deal and the best value coach in town.

Testimonial Keith

Tom and I started discussing tennis coaching methods about 3 years ago. He understands the skills that are required to play this game and how to effectively teach them. It's a refreshing change from basket feeding and generic technical jargon. I would really encourage any parent, player or coach to contact Tom to see how he can help you. You will definitely learn many things that are not easily available or often discussed. I will continue to reach out to Tom as I improve my coaching and the coaching of others around me.

Testimonial Rob



Kick Serve Advice & Progression With A High Ranked Junior

Kick Serve Advice & Progression with a High Ranked Junior

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