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Full Access Personalized Coaching With Tom Allsopp

This monthly training program will provide you with the technical adjustments and tailored training methods to take your game to the next level. 

Get The Advice You're Searching For

Hello, I'm Tom Allsopp, and I specialize in understanding the unique mental and physical aspects of each player's game. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, I can replicate your movements, offering a better understanding of your game. I demonstrate tailored technical adjustments to meet your specific needs.

In this coaching program, it's not just about playing "spot the difference between your forehand" and Djokovic's. I focus on understanding your unique technique, and providing personalized analysis and training methods to elevate your game.


Based on my experience training thousands of players, I've developed a methodology that works.  Watch the video below to understand my process for improving your game.

What To Expect

Flexible Training Program: Tailored to your preferences, this monthly program allows you to focus on any strokes or aspects of your game.

Varied Methods: Benefit from on-court demonstrations or computer-based video analysis for maximum clarity tailored to your learning style.

Comprehensive Feedback: Every stroke you submit undergoes meticulous research, ensuring detailed responses. Expect prompt video feedback within 2 business days.

Unique Content: Experience exclusive, personalized video responses crafted solely for you, ensuring impactful guidance unlike any pre-made content.

Additional Support: Reach out via email or text for any further questions or clarifications regarding your game.



After signing up, simply send me your first video using your preferred platform. Most players opt for Google Drive, but feel free to choose any platform you're comfortable with. You can send your video to tom@tpatennis.comDon't worry about the filming angle; as long as I can see you clearly, I'll be able to provide helpful feedback.




After you sign up, and you've sent your 1st video, we’ll schedule a one-on-one Zoom call to discuss what you are currently working on and what you are looking to get out of this training program. 

I will analyze your video with screen sharing software and provide you with practical advice and methods for your next training session.


Following our initial Zoom call, you can share follow-up videos showcasing your training and progress. For any questions, you can reach out via email, text, or WhatsApp anytime, day or night.  

Anticipate a video response within 2 business days. Each video response will be tailored to you. I do not use pre-made content! All videos will be treated confidentially and securely uploaded to Google Drive. Response time for emails and messages will be same day!

Consider me your tennis coach on demand—send unlimited videos and connect with me at your convenience.



At the end of the first month we can continue to work together.  Each additional month will be discounted at $99. 

You can cancel at any time!

Ultimately, my primary objective is for you to improve your tennis game and meet your goals.  I want you to feel like you always have access to me, allowing you to step on court with the knowledge of how to improve your game.  

Your satisfaction is my goal! 


With Tom Allsopp


First Month Initiation $100 

First Month Includes 1 Private Zoom Call

Unlimited Video Analysis Each Month! 

Cancel Anytime



“Hi Tom, I just wanted to say how much value I’ve already gotten from your video analysis. I’ve taken many lessons over the last couple of years with nothing to show for it. The ability to see frame by frame what is happening and have a clear explanation is invaluable. It’s the first time in many years that I’ve felt excited about improving my game. I now have specific things to work on and videos to go back to. ” – John D

John D, Texas
I’m fortunate to play at a national tennis training center where I have access to some of the best coaches in my country. However, each coach just showed me how to play like one of their favourite ATP players. No one adapted their coaching to me. It’s like teaching a student how to dance by ballroom dancing in front of him and then asking him to repeat…without music. And repeat…
Video analysis is the way to go. Tom dissected my stroke and found one fundamental flaw that no one had seen. My balls are now more consistent and penetrating. I’m more confident so I’m more relaxed. My strokes are smoother and timing easier which cycles back and helps all parts of my forehand.
Tom unlocked my forehand. His greatest strength is that he doesn’t overhaul everything. He works with what you’ve got. Within a short time, your feel for the ball will improve and I guarantee you’ll play better and have more fun. And isn’t that what it’s all about?
Tien D

Tom provides incredible value with his video analysis! I have been consistently sending Tom videos over the past 6 months and he always has something valuable to say in his video response. I don’t think I could have made better progress with any other method. Thanks Tom!

Rafael S

Tom is the most technically knowledgeable coach I have worked with and I have worked with many coaches. He will dive in and perform a deep analysis of what’s wrong with your stroke and provide direct feedback on what needs to be corrected. He identified a key fundamental issue with my forehand that no other coach had ever pointed out. I wish I had worked with Tom a lot earlier, it would have saved me a lot of headaches.

Nick S

Hey Tom – just wanted to give you an update on the league I was competing in – this is my 4th year doing it and Ive been in the same division (3.5/4.0 ish).  I’ve been crushed – like 2-10 every single year – until this season. I did very well and just beat a solid player in the semis and I’m on to the finals.  A massive thanks to you – I attribute a level boost to all the video correspondence we have done. I owe you a nice write up / ref for your website – will put that together.  All the best – Jay (I asked Jay if I could use this as his review)

New York

After working with Tom for just one month my forehand improved far more than months of instruction at my local tennis club.  My form was terrible for years because no one ever pointed out what I was doing wrong and how I could improve.  By making small tweaks to my technique, I drastically improved the consistency and power of my ground strokes. Would highly recommend!


We have been using Tom’s video analysis and online zoom coaching services for 10 months now and cannot recommend Tom highly enough. Tom provides the ability to pick apart strokes at a fundamental biomechanical level so you know why shots are working and why they are not. The reason we have been working with Tom is that it is very easy to develop shots that work at one level but when players step up subtle flaws become exposed and it is so much harder to unpick the problem once the fault has become embedded in muscle memory. By ensuring the strokes are fundamentally sound at the outset we have confidence that the platform is there for the future. If you are serious about developing the best technique you can, Tom is the coach for you!

New Zealand
Tom has been a great help to me in rebuilding my forehand. I’ve been looking for a teacher for years who can explain to me how the stroke works from a biomechanical point of view, and that’s exactly the resource Tom has been able to bring.
The stroke has felt better every week, which means that the strike is cleaner, I have more power, and I’m doing all of this with less effort. I continue to work with Tom to improve all of my strokes.
It’s rare that you come across a standout coach like Tom. He stands out above the rest with his tennis acumen coupled with his exceptional communication skills. I had the pleasure of working with Tom for two months to improve my forehand and serve It was through this experience that I got to see Tom in his area of expertise – identifying the key technical flaws and formulating innovative yet the most practical solution to improve your strokes.
Beyond his ability to provide you with exceptional coaching, Tom was always available to chat and was extremely friendly and generous with his time.
Tom has earned my highest respect during our time working together and I’m absolutely certain that he will earn yours as well.

I coach a boys tennis team in Charlotte, NC and we have been using TPA Tennis video analysis services to help in the development of our high performance kids. Tom has been a tremendous value in providing detailed analysis of our matches. We find his analysis to be very professional and insightful and a good complement to our on-court live instruction and coaching. Tom has a great understanding of the learning process and how to efficiently and effectively help players.

Kyle Williams
Coach, Charlotte, NC

I’ve been hitting for about 10 years just for fun and decided to make an honest attempt at getting better. I came across Tom’s videos on YouTube and found the general videos he made really helpful but it wasn’t until I contacted him and took his online coaching where he would help me specifically and mate…. he knows his sh*t!

In 6 weeks I’m easily a better player with much more tools and really looking forward to working with Tom over the next 6 months to a year to see what we can cook up together.

New Zealand

Sometimes as coaches we can get caught up in only addressing stroke production. Tom not only looks at the big picture, his teaching philosophy outlines how one thing influences another. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces fit perfectly. It makes it easy for the coach, and easy for the student to understand how to become better. I would strongly suggest that anyone that wants to improve as a coach contact Tom Allsopp.

John Carrizosa
PVTC Pro and Director of Junior Development

Tom is truly a professional tennis coach. ‘Professional’ implies dedication, efficiency, creativity, and a genuine relationship with their profession. Tom is not a replacement ‘ball feeding machine with a voice’. He is an accomplished student of the game, continually investigating methods of how to help others learn, ever more quickly to become a genuine game playing tennis player. Tom cares about his players and the game. He is the real deal and the best value coach in town.

Keith Reynolds
ATP Tour Coach and author of "The Tennis Coach's Toolkit"

Tom and I started discussing tennis coaching methods about 3 years ago. He understands the skills that are required to play this game and how to effectively teach them. It’s a refreshing change from basket feeding and generic technical jargon. I would really encourage any parent, player or coach to contact Tom to see how he can help you. You will definitely learn many things that are not easily available or often discussed. I will continue to reach out to Tom as I improve my coaching and the coaching of others around me.

Rob Isaacs
Director of competitive tennis at HPTA, Philadelphia
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